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The Ancient Art of Pyrography

For Yule a fair few years back, Chris, my husband, gave me a Pyrography kit. I'd always wanted to try it! It's fantastic! I really enjoy it.

Hints and Tips

I often get asked lots of questions by new pyrographers, starting out on their wood burning journey, so here are a few pointers.

What Machine?

I started off using a Janik Pyrograph Model S2.
I found the S2 really easy to use, and light weight. I've had a lot of other pyro users mention about how difficult it is to start off, and I've come to the conclusion that it's the type of machine, and pen used. Although I have spent 13 years using contour cream tubes, and various calligraphy pens etc, I'd definitely recommend the Janik S2 as a starter model, although I'm not sure you can even get this any more!

Then I switched to a Razertip SK, which really was amazing. It is pricey, but I'd definitely recommend this machine. The control over the variable heat is fantastic and it takes next to no time to heat up. I make my own tips, normally favouring 25 gauge wire as I do a lot of small and miniature work.

You can get different wire for pyrography use from The Turners Retreat. I've also used nichrome wire from ebay before too. If you are somewhere other than the UK have a google to see what's near you!

I now use a Razertip P80, which is a digital device. you can easily key in the temperature you'd like and I do like the way you can just increase or decrease the heat slightly by touching a button.

What Kind of Wood?

I get asked this a lot too, and it really does depend on where you are.
I favour maple, birch, sycamore and birch ply. I normally get small batches for blanks from a few places.
For pendants I search eBay, here are a few helpful terms to search... 'unfinished wood blanks' 'unfinished buttons' and other terms like 'wood discs' 'pyrography blanks'. It is a bit of pot luck as sellers often change their stock and you often have to search for suitable alternatives if you need to restock.

Etsy also have a craft material section
, and you can get a lot of wood blanks here. Use the terms above and search for something you like!

I use Craftshapes for my birch ply items, the delivery can be a little slow at peak times, but I'm really happy with all of the items I have ordered, please check them out.

Kenneth's Blanks
on ebay are exceptional! You can find his shop here.

Other Hardware

Jewellery hardware/findings? Another frequent question....
Again, I use ebay. I use Tibetan silver bails (the loop on the necklace) and charms. Other terms to search are 'jump rings', 'split rings' and 'jewellery findings'

Colour and Varnish

I use lots of different mediums to add colour. Caran d'ache and prismacolor pencils, acrylic paints, inks and posca markers.

I use either a wax to seal or often a spray acrylic lacquer.

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